About Litiom

The Ocsigen project features Eliom, a web programming framework for the Ocaml language. Eliom provides a solid and extensive foundation for building highly dynamic sites. Litiom aims to complement Eliom, offering higher-level modules codifying a number of common patterns found in web sites. (The name of the project comes from the fact that Lithium follows Helium in the periodic table of elements).

Presently, the library includes only the Litiom_type module, which contains facilities for improving modularity and abstraction in Eliom applications.

Litiom is developed by Dario Teixeira and is licensed under the terms of the LGPL 2.1 (with the OCaml linking exception).

Downloads and development

Litiom is distributed in source-code form. You can get all releases from the project's page at GitHub or the OCaml Forge. The latest version is Litiom 2.1, released on 2013-08-28. Here is the changelog for the last few releases:

Version 2.1 (2013-08-28)

Version 2.0 (2012-12-09)

Version 1.0 (2009-04-14)

Bulding and Installing

Litiom uses OASIS. Building and installing follows the costumary configure, make, and make install sequence. To generate the ocamldoc API documentation, run make doc.


You can browse the Ocamldoc generated API documentation online. Note that it is assumed that the reader is comfortable with the Lwt and Eliom libraries.